"May Caper Sunset"
Kitlans View
"Still Life with Shells"
"Let Begonias be Begonias"
"Purple Coneflowers"
"Three Yelllow Lilies"
"Zinnias from Ty"
"Summer Bouquet with Monkshood"
"Lake Carey Victorian Cottage"
"Indian Spring Trail"
"Path in the Woods"
"Cape May Sunset"
"Foggy Morning"
"Lake Carey Summer Day"
"Lake Carey Sunrise"
"Cosmo Mix"
"Interior with Dog"
"Cosmos" by Amy Griffith
"Begonias on Porch"
"Three Yellow Lilies"
Begonias in a Blue Green Vase
"Limelight Hydrangeas"
"Begonias" by Amy Griffith Colley
"Mixed Cosmos in the Window"
"Vermillion Begonias"
"Daisies with Lemons"
"Summer Flowers in Blue"
"Four Daisies"
"Begonias, Cosmos and Zinnias"
"Pink Carnations"
"Boys at the Beach 2"
"Boys at the Beach"
"Lake Carey Summer Day"
"Sunrise at Lake Carey"
"Still Life with Bird"
"Hoboken Lilacs"
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